Artist Statement

     I am a painter and a potter. I have two associates degrees one in fine arts and one in computer animation. I have been an artist my whole life; working with clay since I was a kid. I would dig up clay in the yard and make sculptures out of it. Now I primarily use a potters wheel when I am working in clay.
     When Painting I use acrylic on large canvases usually. Recently I have been creating pointillist nature paintings, surrealist landscape paintings, and abstract nudes.
          For my pointillist works I start with close up photographs taken from nature. These are based on photos of animals, bugs, and plants.This artwork is about how having an appreciation for nature is actually a good thing. It is important to value nature in that without an appreciation for it we lack motivation to properly take care of it. My concept goes against ideas that loving nature is somehow the cause of mistreating it.
        The abstract nudes that I paint also have beauty. They are cubist in how they are made, studying the human figure from three different perspectives. I focus on line quality and mass gestures instead of cubes when I create these however.
        In the surrealist paintings I create I rely on pictures taken of interesting rock formations and landscapes. One of the reasons I create surreal paintings is because of the dreamlike quality of surrealist art. Dreams have meanings so when there is a specific topic to address I am likely to express my point of view threw surrealist art.
       As a potter my focus is on creating memorial art in the form of funeral urns and pet urns. lately I have been creating funeral urns for an art project I titled Marginalized Memorial. (to read more about it see my blogs page)